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120S-F2-CPB8090 Exlusive Pyro Show F2

A:Red tail to silver spider red glittering,B:Green tail to silver spider green glittering,C:Green tail to green star whi···

131S-F2-CPB8015 Mixed shape 131 shots Compound Imperial Pyro Show F2

A:Red glittering mine silver cylinder;B:White glittering mine green cylinder;C:Blue tail spit crackling and silver fish;···

198S-F2-CPB8018 Mixed shape 198 shots Compound Conspicuous Pyro Show F2

A:Gold spider mine;B:Blue tail to gold spider and gold glittering;C:Red tail to red coconut and crackling rain;D:Red tai···

CPB133S-F2-9402 Fan shape 133 shots Compound Fabulous Fire Show F2

a:Red flameA:Red tail to purple dahlia yellow plum;B:Green tail to green dahlia yellow plum;C:Blue tail to sea blue dahl···

306S-F3-CPB8008 Mixed shape 306 shots Compound Magnificent Fire Show F3

A:White glittering mine and red cylinder;B:White glittering mine and green cylinder;C:White glittering mine and silver c···

60S-F3F25 Fan shape 60 shots Cake Fancy Moment F3

A:Red tail spit super white glittering with red falling leaves;B:Blue tail spit blue pearls and spinning fishes;C:Green ···

About Us

The CHAO FIREWORKS Factory, which was founded in 2005, specializes in the development and manufacturing of 200gram and 500gram consumer cakes. The factory number is 49F132. This factory encompasses an area of more than 500 acres, and has more than 200 stable employees, as well as 3 professional fireworks engineers. CHAO FIREWORKS Factory is 1 of the top 10 export factories in Liuyang, China!CHAO Fireworks export company, which was founded in 2009, specializes in research, development, and in wor...




Fireworks Fall Expo commences with public display in Auburn

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) More than 1,000 people from around the world, including China are in Fort Wayne this week for the National Fireworks Association’s 2023 Fall Expo.The expo began Monday and run···


Sparkling Skies: ‘Absolutely fabulous’ fireworks light up Sternwheel Festival

This year’s Sternwheel Festival came to a close on Sunday. According to Fireworks Chairman Dennis Blauser, the fireworks were “absolutely fabulous.”This year, they tried out some new fireworks they···


Thunder, fireworks in the valley

NEW ULM — HermannFest, the celebration marking the anniversary of the Hermann’s victory over the Romans in Teutoburg Forest in northern Germany more than two thousand years ago, drew big crowds to H···

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